4Dmetrics is a customized leadership training design and delivery resource where people can find answers to their on-the-job performance questions and inquiries related to problems in providing training and education. Our skilled and well practiced professional staff is dedicated to providing informative answers and solutions to all those who may need them.

We specialize in helping you address issues of accountability, conflict management work ethics, sound decision making and much more. Gaining critical thinking, communication and leadership skills are all a function of learning and practice.

Our leadership course, (developed specifically for firefighters) begins with a pre-assessment process to help ensure that only areas of needed improvement are the focus, to avoid wasting your valuable time.

Are you dealing with employees who

  • Exhibit an inability to listen actively causing interference with their judgment process?

  • Have a lack of pride, professionalism, initiative, cohesion amongst the ranks and other areas of responsibility?

  • Are they doing just enough to get by?

  • Display deficient work ethics?

  • Have meager time management skills?

  • Show little respect for the chain of command, following orders, or supporting the corporate agenda?

  • Have inadequate personal or team accountability?

  • Exhibit problems creating a proper climate for resolving or preventing angry conflict?

  • Do they demonstrate the inability to maintain positive relations with others within the unit or outside of the work team?

  • Do they lack the skills to offer or provide non-punitive criticism and feedback?

  • Inability to ask the right questions for sound decision making?

At 4Dmetrics, we are better able to provide our clients with efficient and responsive service. You can rest assured of our professional expertise to help you in making some of the most important decisions that you face in the above-mentioned areas. Our professionals have established a reputation for integrity and credibility not only among their colleagues but among our clients as well.

4Dmetrics focuses on achieving quality results by providing our clients with extensive information, resources and expertise in the areas adult and vocational learning, with personal attention and affordability, too.

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